1. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, I talk to Lil Jon about turning down (for what?), raising a teenage son, Donald Trump, Vampire Weekend, ‘Orange is the New Black’ and more. Read to the end to see if I was able to resist hitting him with a Chappelle-style “WHAT?!” (Spoiler: I was not.)

    My other favorite part of the interview:


  2. The other day, sitting in a hotel room in Albany, I picked up my phone and heard “Hi, it’s Paul” in a familiar North English accent. I spent the next hour in a free-flowing conversation with Paul McCartney about his latest dance-music dabblings, his summer holiday in Ibiza, his triumphant return to the road after a health scare, why he has no intention to retire anytime soon, his crystal-clear memories of the past – and lots and lots more.

    Click through to read the full 3200-word interview.


  3. This is one of my favorite albums of the year. It’s been on repeat since the spring; over the weekend, I played the album for a group including a 4-month-old child, and everyone assembled enjoyed it greatly.

    Go listen to it!

    Preorder a copy!


  4. Earlier this year, I sat down with ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg to talk about his continued push for stricter gun regulation. Our Q&A is online now as part of Rolling Stone's in-depth, multi-part investigation into America’s gun violence epidemic

    We spoke at length about Bloomberg’s plan to outspend and/or outsmart the gun rights lobby, his own history as a teenage gun enthusiast – and, perhaps most provocatively, his firm belief in the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy, even after it was ruled to be discriminatory. Click through for the full Q&A.


  5. The memories have grown hazy by now, but I think Circulatory System might have been my earliest entry point to the world of Elephant 6. It all happened around the same time, so who knows. But I remember coming across Matt LeMay’s review of the first CS album, tracking down MP3s of “Yesterday’s World” and “The Lovely Universe,” and being instantly blown away by the uncontained joy in those songs. I ordered a copy of the album and listened to it constantly on my boombox, getting lost in the recurring melodies. That same fall, in rapid succession, I fell hard for Circulatory System’s predecessor band, the Olivia Tremor Control (who became one of the most important bands in my life), along with Neutral Milk Hotel (ditto), Apples in Stereo, Of Montreal, and more. Later, in the spring of 2004, I’m sure I put Circulatory System songs on more than one mixtape for Sarah.

    At the time, my favorite E6 bands were on hiatus, seemingly forever. It would be years before I got to see the reunited Olivias play Bowery Ballroom, or stand a few feet away when Jeff Mangum first re-emerged at Le Poisson Rouge. So Circulatory System, for me, were a living connection to a scene that I loved deeply even though I’d missed its original heyday.

    With the Olivias defunct again, after a tragedy that still saddens me when it comes to mind, it’s sweet that Circulatory System live on. Their new album, Mosaics Within Mosaics, is really great, and it reminds me a lot of their first LP, still an all-time favorite. I wrote a short take for Rolling Stone, which you can read below. I’m looking forward to seeing them open for NMH (!) at Prospect Park next month. See you there?  


  6. DSU is a great album (listen/download here if you haven’t yet), and I’m glad I was able to write a little something about it for RS. Thanks to my pal Dean for texting me last week telling me I had to check this album out. He was right.


  7. Ask a Boss with Rick Ross: The Complete Series


    Rozay at work. Photo by me.

    It is with a heavy heart that I say that this week’s installment of Rick Ross’ Rolling Stone advice column is the last one, at least for now. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. Here, for easy reference and future historians, are all five columns:

    May 8th: Love, Weed, and Cheating in School
    May 16th: Texting, Hangovers, and Snobby Relatives
    May 26th: Wack Rappers, Being a Big Dude, and Sexism
    June 4th: Hot Wings, Strip Clubs, and LARPing
    June 10th: Sex Tapes, Date Nights, and Smoking Like a Boss


  8. I recently spent an afternoon hanging with Mac DeMarco at the Brooklyn apartment where he recorded Salad Days. Check out some great photos by Sacha Lecca (including the one above), plus outtakes from my interview, over at Rolling Stone - and read my story in the new print issue.


  9. Three years after LCD Soundsystem’s farewell show, James Murphy has released a live album documenting that night. We spoke about closing that chapter, whether he regrets ending the band, the solo music he’s just starting to make and more. Read the whole thing at Rolling Stone.


  10. Back in March, I flew down to Miami to collaborate with Rick Ross on his Rolling Stone advice column. The first column is online now, and while you can find the full thing at RS.com, in some ways I’d prefer that you read the excerpt posted at Nah Right. Finally, my dreams of being a rap superstar have been fulfilled, sort of.


  11. My review of Neil Young’s new vinyl-only covers albumA Letter Home, is up now at RollingStone.com:


  12. I have a new interview with Damon Albarn up at Rolling Stone, talking about his excellent new album, Everyday Robots. There’s lots in there. But I have to say, one of my favorite moments was when Damon brought up his latest appearance on the cover of magazine. Let’s just say he didn’t like it:

    I mean, personally, I thought the headline on the cover of Q was comedic. It’s almost something out of Monty Python, you know? Because according to them I am a drug-taking Satanist, which, if only, is all I can say! [Laughs] If only life was that interesting. Listen, I don’t mind, but it’s not nice for my mum. It’s not nice for my daughter. In isolation, it’s quite a shocking sort of thing. For me it’s comedy. But I think it’s a shame for them as a newspaper that they have to resort to such tactics. Clearly they’re not selling many papers, otherwise why would you do that?

    Also, why would you do that and then put a really healthy-looking picture of me? At least dress me up with huge great dark shadows under my eyes and a pentagon tattooed on my forehead, or a swastika, do you know what I mean? If you want to make me Charles Manson, make me look like fucking Charles Manson, not like someone who’s just come off from a holiday in the Caribbean or whatever.


  13. That’s the takeaway from my short RS review of her new album, cheekily titled The New Classic.


  14. My Rolling Stone review is online now.


  15. Kevin Mazur has captured more great live moments on film than most of us see in our lives. I recently spoke to the A-list concert photographer about some striking, intimate images of Kurt Cobain that he took between the fall of 1992 and December 1993. Click through to see the photos and read the stories behind them.