1. I spoke with Radiohead’s drummer about his new solo album, which is quite good. He also confirmed that Radiohead have re-entered the studio to work on new music:

    Oh, hell yes.


  2. Love this album. Click through for my Rolling Stone review.


  3. A few clever things said, a few downright silly, but by much the larger proportion neither the one nor the other — nothing worse than everyday remarks, dull repetitions, old news, and heavy jokes.
    — Jane Austen, perfectly predicting Twitter in Emma (1815)

  4. I spoke with Matt Sharp about his new Rentals album and, of course, his time in Weezer.


  5. I recently got to talk to André 3000 for Rolling Stone - serious white whale status for a longtime Outkast fan like me. The hook was his strong performance in the new Jimi Hendrix biopic, but we ended up talking about a lot more. This was a really fascinating conversation. Click through to read the whole thing.


  6. My full Rolling Stone profile of Weezer, which ran in print a few weeks ago, is now online for free. Check it out! 


  7. Two discs of Jeff Tweedy in mellow, melancholy ballad mode? I’ll take it! Can’t wait to see him at BAM next week. Click through to read my album review at Rolling Stone.


  8. weezer:

    Charlotte NC airport, 9/6/14


  9. Click through for my full Q&A with Aphex Twin about his new album (“I’m feeling really horny about it, and very smug”), his quiet family life in Scotland, his collection of musical robots and more.


  10. I recently got to spend some time with Weezer as they finished their new album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End. Pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone, on stands Friday, to read my feature. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview (portrait by Peter Yang).


  11. Interpol’s new one is my favorite thing they’ve done since Antics. I wrote a mini-profile of the band for the new issue of Rolling Stone; click through to read the rest of our interview about moving on in the post-Carlos D era and how the new album is like alien sex.


  12. I could tell Lowell had a story to tell when I saw her for the first time at Field Trip in June. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if her pop ambitions come true. Click through to read the rest of our interview at RollingStone.com.


  13. How White Lung Became One of Punk’s Most Compelling New Voices

    Earlier this summer, I spent a few days following White Lung around New York. I saw them play two spellbinding shows, got elbowed in a mosh pit, had some great conversations with the band, and stayed out late with Mish Way and several of the city’s finest karaoke enthusiasts. 

    Now you can read all about it in the cover story I wrote for my pals at self-titled magazineClick through for a long read on one of the most vital bands out right now. This one was a lot of fun.



  14. Alex G in Rolling Stone! (Sneak preview of my story, on stands later this week, with photo by Bryan Derballa)


  15. Caribou’s new album is amazing, and I was lucky enough to get one of the first interviews with Dan Snaith to talk about it. Our Love is out in October. Til then, click through to RollingStone.com to read Snaith’s tale of how DJing with Thom Yorke, playing to festival crowds in Japan, and becoming a new dad all influenced his bold leap forward into dance music.