1. weezer:

    Charlotte NC airport, 9/6/14


  2. Click through for my full Q&A with Aphex Twin about his new album (“I’m feeling really horny about it, and very smug”), his quiet family life in Scotland, his collection of musical robots and more.


  3. I recently got to spend some time with Weezer as they finished their new album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End. Pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone, on stands Friday, to read my feature. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview (portrait by Peter Yang).


  4. Interpol’s new one is my favorite thing they’ve done since Antics. I wrote a mini-profile of the band for the new issue of Rolling Stone; click through to read the rest of our interview about moving on in the post-Carlos D era and how the new album is like alien sex.


  5. I could tell Lowell had a story to tell when I saw her for the first time at Field Trip in June. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if her pop ambitions come true. Click through to read the rest of our interview at RollingStone.com.


  6. How White Lung Became One of Punk’s Most Compelling New Voices

    Earlier this summer, I spent a few days following White Lung around New York. I saw them play two spellbinding shows, got elbowed in a mosh pit, had some great conversations with the band, and stayed out late with Mish Way and several of the city’s finest karaoke enthusiasts. 

    Now you can read all about it in the cover story I wrote for my pals at self-titled magazineClick through for a long read on one of the most vital bands out right now. This one was a lot of fun.



  7. Alex G in Rolling Stone! (Sneak preview of my story, on stands later this week, with photo by Bryan Derballa)


  8. Caribou’s new album is amazing, and I was lucky enough to get one of the first interviews with Dan Snaith to talk about it. Our Love is out in October. Til then, click through to RollingStone.com to read Snaith’s tale of how DJing with Thom Yorke, playing to festival crowds in Japan, and becoming a new dad all influenced his bold leap forward into dance music.


  9. I spoke with Jessie Ware about how she wrote her amazing new single, “Tough Love,” with Benny Blanco and Two Inch Punch. Click through to read the story at RollingStone.com.


  10. Spoon’s Britt Daniel at the McKittrick Hotel, August 3rd, 2014


  11. I saw Spoon’s secret show on Sunday night, and it was awesome – a top-shelf performance from one of my favorite bands, at a uniquely intimate venue. Click through to read my full report at RollingStone.com.


  12. Photo by Lindsey Byrnes.

    Photo by Lindsey Byrnes.

    I chatted with Paramore’s Hayley Williams for the new issue of Rolling Stone (the one with Katy Perry on the cover), and now our Q&A is online. Here are two of my favorite parts from a very fun conversation with one of 2014’s smartest stars. Click through to read the whole thing!

    On karaoke:

    On sexism:

    You’ve spoken about sexism you experienced when Paramore were playing small clubs. Has that gotten better with time? 
    I don’t know, honestly. I’m not faced with it directly the way I was when I was 16 and we could see every single person in the crowd and hear everything they were saying. I think some of them didn’t know how to handle a girl being in a position of authority. Now, I just don’t want to hear my friends in bands saying, “I got asked again if I was a merch girl.”

    What about in the wider world? Did you follow the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case that some businesses don’t have to cover birth control for their employees? 
    That’s a conversation that I’m having almost daily with friends, because my mom and I, and a lot of the women in my family, have had to take birth control for many more reasons besides baby-blocking. I think it’s a woman’s right. A woman’s body is her body, and her body is connected to her brain, which should be making the decisions for her body. That’s all I’ll say about that.


  13. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, I talk to Lil Jon about turning down (for what?), raising a teenage son, Donald Trump, Vampire Weekend, ‘Orange is the New Black’ and more. Read to the end to see if I was able to resist hitting him with a Chappelle-style “WHAT?!” (Spoiler: I was not.)

    My other favorite part of the interview:


  14. The other day, sitting in a hotel room in Albany, I picked up my phone and heard “Hi, it’s Paul” in a familiar North English accent. I spent the next hour in a free-flowing conversation with Paul McCartney about his latest dance-music dabblings, his summer holiday in Ibiza, his triumphant return to the road after a health scare, why he has no intention to retire anytime soon, his crystal-clear memories of the past – and lots and lots more.

    Click through to read the full 3200-word interview.


  15. Here’s a sneak preview of my Sam Smith profile in the new issue of Rolling Stone. Portrait by Pari Dukovic.